Our Vision

The Durham Region Child Care Forum envisions a future that includes an informed, educated and trained Early Learning and Child Care sector.

  • The Durham Region Child Care Forum’s mission is to support our community’s capacity to deliver quality services for children through professional development, networking and other collaborative initiatives.
  • Consistent, Quality Service Quality early learning and child care services should be available to support children age 0 to 12 years and their families.

    We believe that the best services are available when providers work together, as well as in partnership with families, in the best interest of the child.

    Community-based collaborative planning, founded on clear, non-biased communication is necessary to ensure comprehensive care for children.

    Ongoing Professional Development
    Early learning and child care professionals benefit from professional development throughout their working lives. An educated, relevant and professional workforce improves the community's capacity to provide quality early learning and child care.

    Accessibility and Inclusion
    We believe that all children, regardless of their differences and needs, are entitled to creative, constructive early learning and child care opportunities that help them reach their full potential.

  • Through professional development, networking and other collaborative initiatives, the Durham Region Child Care Forum demonstrates our beliefs that:

    • Child care is a range of services available to families with children and supporting the family in its child rearing responsibilities. This includes informal and licensed care as well as other support services.

    • Families are considered full partners in the planning process and are the primary decision-makers for their children in accessing community services.

    • Families will be able to access sufficient information in order to make an informed decision regarding their child's care.

    • Quality care for children requires building on existing strengths and resources of the family and supports/services with program/service evaluation strongly encouraged.

    • Services for children will be comprehensive and integrate the social, emotional, intellectual, health and physical needs of the child.

    • Family supports will be provided with the consent of parent(s)/guardian(s), based on: knowledge of the family, services available, child care programs, and with full information regarding the impact of their decisions.

    • Community initiatives will respond to the needs of the families for support in raising the children of that community.